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"The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths making our weaknesses irrelevant." — Peter Drucker
Hillview colleagues and I are glad you’re here. Welcome. Stay with us awhile. As you click through pages, please observe how you respond to the considerable upside potential represented by Hillview’s suite of alignment consulting, coaching and speaking services. Your deep eagerness to see, think and do things differently forecasts your success.

You are considering retaining services of consultants, coaches and speakers who specialize in strategic alignment of people, money, technology and other mission-critical resources. Each Hillview pro adds to your assets exceptional insights and real-world perspective. With Hillview you reverse risk of obvious or hidden misalignment with your vision, mission, methods, metrics or compliance. Let’s speak soon. Please call 312.643.8000. Thank you.
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Person-Plan Alignment ℠

Hillview works with clients to ensure individuals are fully prepared to execute specific parts of written plans for which each person is accountable.

From strictly confidential diagnostic assessments to remedial up-training, person-by-person on each team, Hillview responds to previously undetected gaps in full readiness for success.

Engagement and performance improve for all parties influenced by this realistic view.

Seller-Buyer Alignment ℠

Hillview facilitates sustained vigilance to achieve deeper, wider and higher understanding of representations by both sellers and buyers.

As value is ultimately determined by buyers and never (ultimately) by sellers, and price is ultimately determined by sellers and never (ultimately) by buyers, Hillview works toward strategic alignment of what buyers truly value and products or services sellers truthfully offer. Sellers and buyers welcome additional perceptions and facts.

Work-Home Alignment ℠

With methods and metrics for achieving work-home alignment, Hillview methodically replaces the unattainable pop culture myth of “work-life balance.” Socioeconomic factors require intentional effort to guard against separating — or even demonizing — work venues or working.

Bringing value from conference tables to kitchen tables and from family rooms to meeting rooms, guides all engaged minds and hearts toward psychologically sound, ethically defensible and socially conscious work-home alignment.

Book Quote:"With wisdom, courage, and patience we must choose high-performing words for intimate relationships."
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