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Consulting value is delivered by moving toward clearer views of each client’s desired outcomes.  Each consulting engagement involves metacognitive disciplines to allow digging, drilling and thinking deeper so clients will reach, climb and soar higher.

Reaching for higher ground is an essential first step in a Hillview consulting engagement.  Almost always Hillview’s consulting, coaching and speaking practices immediately lift clients to new levels for deeper, wider and higher views of the past, present and future.  It’s said, “What you see is what you get,” so Hillview prioritizes focusing on, articulating and otherwise illustrating clear views.

Hillviews High-Impact Leader Lens℠ (HILL) Model for Viewing and Influencing Alignment of People and Things (The HILL Model℠)

The HILL Model℠ allows a sharper wide-angle picture to form for clients. Hillview alignment strategists offer clients reliable interpretations for whomever or whatever is seen from hill-height. Supporting clients to climb to higher ground for views from just-right hill-height — studiously avoiding viewing people and things from a mind’s dark valleys, flat plains, cloudy mountaintops or stale ivory towers — Hillview consultants, coaches and speakers function as climbing guides and lens cutters. From realistic vantage points, Hillview clients are able to see and influence people and things.

Hillviews Strengths-On-Strengths℠ (S.O.S.) Alignment Model

Hillview contends it is virtually impossible to build sustainable strengths of any organization without prioritizing the identification and ongoing development of strengths of key people and others. Hillview’s Strengths-On-Strengths℠ (S.O.S.) Alignment Model names, claims and frames logical operational relationships between and among vital core strengths of individuals and organizations.

Through highly adaptive consulting, coaching and speaking efforts, Hillview works with clients to strategically align strengths of individuals with strengths of organizations (usually each person’s employer). To mobilize, optimize and maximize themes of strength for individuals, Hillview introduces, administers and facilitates sustainable insight from the StrengthsFinder® and Q12® suite of resources provided by Gallup® Inc. Concurrently Hillview identifies relevant streams and seams of strength of each organization. Using interviews and other assessment models appropriate to a client’s field or industry, Hillview finds, forges and fortifies mission-critical strategic alignment of individual and organizational strengths.

Hillviews Polaris Principlefor True-North Strategic Alignment

Hillview aims clients toward clearer views of a venture’s or a project’s established “Polaris” (North Star) — each clearly stated and agreed upon destination (e.g., mission, objective, goal, quota etc.). With precision of language and numbers, Hillview re-calibrates direction in which clients are thinking, looking and moving. Hillview’s approach encourages sustained engagement and ongoing measurement of overall progress. Detours and missteps are identified, classified and studied for high probability of additional ROI value related to stated vision, mission, destination or metrics.

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