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jdJohn R. Dallas, Jr. is Hillview’s principal consultant, coach and speaker.  John is an alignment strategist.  Since 2005 he is Founder and Chief Alignment Officer (CAO) of Hillview Partners Network LLC, a Chicago-based team of independent consultants, executive coaches, and public speakers; credentialed professionals in fields related to strategic alignment of people, money, technology and other key resources. Clients are among all types and sizes of organizations; from high-performing individuals and fully funded start-ups, to major organizations (for-profit and not-for-profit).

John is formerly President of five technology-based national service companies in New York, suburban Washington, D.C., and Chicago. His prior CEO post was President of Chicago Title Credit Services, Inc., then the nation’s largest big data aggregator of consumer credit information for banks and other financial institutions. In Northern Virginia he was lead Co-Founder and served as President of CreditComm Services, now known as Intersections, Inc., a NASDAQ-listed public company.  In Manhattan, he was President of three pacesetting technology-based national service companies: National Business Intelligence Corp. (renamed ETX Corporation), Group Concepts Capital Corp., and Market Access Resources Corp. (MARCOR).  More background is available via LinkedIn and elsewhere online. Please visit: facebook.com/JohnRDallasJr.

He is author of We Need to Have a Word: Words of Wisdom, Courage and Patience for Work, Home and Everywhere, an acclaimed 438-page hardcover and e-book volume available through weneedtohaveaword.com, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online booksellers.

Worldwide John remains top-ranked among over 2,500 mentors for Silicon Valley’s Founder Institute (FI), a global entrepreneurial support organization for cohorts of technology start-ups. He travels throughout the U.S. and internationally to speak with FI chapters. For Teach for America’s social entrepreneurship initiative for educators, he is a presenter and mentor. He is a guest lecturer at The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), DePaul University, Adler School of Professional Psychology and other schools. Twitter notification of events: @JohnRDallasJr.

In collaboration with Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, John was among the 2007 founding team for Chicago Urban League’s nextONE Entrepreneurship Accelerator. On Fox TV-Chicago, John frequently appeared on nextONE’s four-time Emmy Award-winning series featuring entrepreneurial success stories. Locally and nationally, many times over 40 years he was interviewed on ABC, CBS and NBC. He appears on radio and in newspaper articles, blogs, podcasts and online information resources.

While Chair for two years of Technology Leadership Forum at the Union League Club of Chicago, John was voted by peers among the Chicago region’s top 100 technology leaders. He was the first Chairman of the Advisory Board for the Leadership Arts Certificate Program of The University of Chicago’s Graham School. John Chaired TechCamp Concepts LLC, producers of SocialDevCamp for developers and other tech pros; held at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and DePaul University. In association with UIC, he served on the Board of Directors of Chicago Technology Park (TechPark) within Illinois Medical District (IMD).

For 12 years in Manhattan, John ran ETX, a pioneering electronic publishing company. ETX supported Wall Street communication objectives of large publicly traded corporations. Aligning telephony and computing in ways that had never been monetized if ever attempted, John personally developed a system to facilitate real-time remote processing of professionally edited and verified printed records of corporate, financial, and media events held worldwide. New standards were set for producing and distributing time-sensitive transcripts of stockholder meetings, securities analyst sessions, press conferences and other SEC-regulated information-distribution events.

In 1976, 1980 and 1984, John negotiated to win exclusive contracts for ETX to electronically produce, publish and distribute the only official transcriptional records of the historic U.S. Presidential and Vice-Presidential Debates. (This body of work resides in the U.S. Library of Congress and The White House.) He also secured contracts for publishing high-profile Congressional debates, and assignments with ABC-TV News and NBC-TV News for producing broadcast-based publications focused on the purpose, function and future of the Electoral College.

John’s client roster included 27 of Top 50 Fortune 500 companies, such as IBM, GE, GM, Ford, Exxon, Mobil et al. His company served media including ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Fortune, Business Week and others. Top-most leaders in academia, law, auditing, finance, advertising, and politics were also clients. In 1986 he sold ETX to a member firm of the New York Stock Exchange.

While majoring in journalism and mass communications at Pittsburgh’s Duquesne University, John started a student-run publicity service for high-profile nonprofit groups: Junior Achievement, Youth Guidance, The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Heinz Hall for the Performing Arts and Pittsburgh Jazz Festival. Shortly after he started to win top professional awards, for-profit companies began to retain his team. In 1972 a regional advertising agency acquired his start-up venture. At age 22 John was named the buyer’s Vice President, Public Relations. One year later he was recruited to New York City. He continued his studies at Columbia University.

In the Presbyterian Church U.S.A., John is ordained as a Deacon and an Elder. He held elected leadership posts in large urban churches in Pittsburgh, New York and Chicago. For his early-years congregation, First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh, in 2014 he launched Library 1773, a digital and traditional repository for published works that are influenced by this history-making congregation (founded in 1773).

Other members of Hillview’s network of independent consultants, coaches and speakers are selected based on specific client requirements.  Credentials are provided once needs are established.  All engagements begin with discussion with John Dallas, and then decisions are taken toward others who will need to be involved in a specific client engagement.

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