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Hillview tailors its coaching curricula to stated and perceived requirements of individuals and their related organizations. Hillview invites executive coaching assignments with individuals who are determined to develop greater self-awareness and new skills. With a range from recent college grads to retired executives, Hillview offers confidential coaching to support clients in digging, drilling and thinking deeper so individuals will reach, climb and soar higher.

Alignment Coaching is a Metacognitive Experience

Character-Based, Strengths-Focused and Performance-Driven in philosophy and practice, Alignment Coaching is designed by Hillview to reverse risk of misalignment of views, thoughts, actions, people and things.  By bringing into sharp focus multi-angle views of each coaching client’s personal and professional strengths and opportunities, concurrent weaknesses and threats are discerned and immediately addressed.

Metacognition is introduced for its function to draw from both coaches and clients greater awareness of how thoughts are being experienced — how levels of thinking about ways we are thinking about our thoughts allow is to dig, drill and think deeper so we will reach, climb and soar higher.  Metacognitive coaching is based on always working to achieve at least one or more levels of deeper thought about any significant mater being considered.  What’s presented to a coach is rarely taken at face value.  For as long as benefit accrues to client, each topic is mindfully, respectfully and otherwise carefully excavated to at least one or more levels of additional depth in thought.  Although simply solutions may eventually be suggested, even the simplest approach is grounded in levels of deeper thought and contemplation.

Alignment Coaching starts with a core question for all involved in a Hillview engagement: With whom or with what is a coaching client to be strategically aligned?  What is the end in-mind; the destination for which alignment coaching is believed to be mode of transportation.

With each individual client, Alignment Coaching is primarily used for one or more of these objectives: (1) career stabilization, (2) career advancement, (3) career enrichment, (4) career validation, and (5) career transition.  Alignment Coaching is both specific and holistic in approach; tightly focused on challenges immediately brought forward and others revealed, and also taking into account a broader view of the person and the organization for which she or he works.

Alignment Coaching is adaptive, empathic, and genuinely compassionate.  By putting people first above all other topics, Alignment Coaching achieves organizational goals and objectives; milestones of many types, including what Hillview calls ROL — Return On Leadership (i.e., specific and noteworthy accomplishments than cannot yet, if ever, be reduced to exact dollar amounts for the top or bottom lines of an organization).

Always acknowledging and navigating ceaseless change, ambiguity and polarity related to the individual coaching client and her or his place of employment, Alignment Coaching professionals roll on parallel tracks of vision and viability.  Reality is the third rail that powers this journey toward what Hillview calls True-North Strategic Alignment — i.e., movement toward specified destinations.

Strategically intermittently directive and nondirective, Alignment Coaching provides for circumstantial and programmatic interaction with each coaching client.  Strategic alignment with stated imperatives for success is the ideal context within which to move forward with Alignment Coaching.

Although Alignment Coaching is more art than science, there are basic sequential “upward steps” in Hillview’s model:

Step 1                        Alignment of Strengths with Perceptions

Step 2                        Alignment of Personal Growth Objectives with Employer’s Requirements

Step 3                        Alignment of Coaching Work-in-Progress with Expectations for On-the-Job Performance

Step 4                        Alignment of Professional Support with Ever-Increasing Internal and External Expectations

At strategic stages in the Alignment Coaching process, Hillview introduces value of Gallup’s StrengthsFinder® 2.0 and Q12® assessment tools and the Meyers-Brigs Type Indicator® (MBTI). Numerous books and reference documents are introduced as-needed.

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