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bookExtending Your Reach, Impact and Value with We Need to Have a Word: Words of Wisdom, Courage and Patience for Work, Home and Everywhere.  For a full year of 52 weekend readings with life-changing grown-up words for adult-minded leaders of all ages, order your copies of We Need to Have a Word for:

  • Accelerating Leader Development
  • Improving Results during Meetings
  • Stimulating Conversation at Home
  • Intensifying Ongoing Self-Coaching
  • Facilitating Language for Leading™
  • Igniting Each New Week with a Key Word
  • Aiming toward Work-Home Alignment™
  • Ensuring Clarity for Your View Ahead

To strengthen a character-based culture for building a Strategically Aligned Organization of Excellence, imagine favorable impact of each of the 52 weekly words in this value-packed volume.  Organizations are encouraged to purchase quantities of the book to use with leadership teams and other groups.  Leaders can either follow in alphabetical order the 52 chapters, or pick-and-choose words that fit subjects being addressed during one-to-one conversation, focused meetings, special events, or extended leadership and development education efforts.

As an example, a leader might say at a meeting, “For the next week we are going to focus on the book’s chapter for Courage.  Every day and in many ways we’ll ask ourselves, ‘What does courage mean for our individual and collective success?’  We’ll learn where courage fits in terms of our commitment to innovation, superiority in the marketplace, excellence in customer service, and positioning in the minds of our buyers.  We’ll also work to find ways of taking home with us — to share with family and friends — the relevance and other value of our team’s focus on courage.”

Retaining Author as a Speaker, Facilitator, Moderator, Panelist or Interviewer

John R. Dallas, Jr. is a top-ranked public speaker who is retained to illuminate, motivate and educate audiences of small and large organizations of nearly all types.  Each of the 52 words featured in the book is a foundation for a 90-minute talk about “Grasping Greatness” in each word.  There are 68 separate titles in John’s repertoire of titles of talks that are customized for each audience.

For quantities of 100 or more, meeting sponsors who purchase for all audience participants individual hardcover copies of We Need to Have a Word receive a significantly reduced fee for speaking and other professional service.

Additional Services and Aligned Products

Entrepreneurial Support Organizations (ESOs), educational institutions, mentoring programs, not-for-profit associations and faith communities are likely to quality for special discounts for books, materials, presentations, and other professional service.  Inquiries are invited from booksellers and clubs.

In-person or online executive coaching is available for a word-by-word journey during a full year of leadership development using Language for Leading™.  Leader guides, work sheets, digital frames with words and images, stainless-steel “trees” with words and images attached to each “branch,” posters, paperweights, pens, bookmarks, key chains, shirts and numerous other products and tools are available for special order.


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